Happy Birthday, Blog (thanks for making me feel old)

20 years ago — well before WordPress existed — I wrote my own blogging engine (called BLAT) and launched this blog. While I did eventually give up on BLAT, this site is still the longest running project I’ve worked on.

While I don’t write much these days, all the old posts are still here (including all the broken links and the embarrassing things that 20-years-ago-Leon thought were worth clever). You can still read about the weird stuff my kids got up to, some sad poetry I wrote, and that time I compared my (now ex-)wife to exploded whale guts. It’s ok; she asked me to. Sort of.

It’s fun to read back some of the weirder things that have happened over the last 20 years: three children being born (The Bean, The Penguin, and The Bumblebee), the subtle hint that I’d met Carolyn, the story of Lucky the fish, the numerous instances of Romilly’s weird imagination, many other crazy things I’d rather not link to, and all the posts I’ve apologised for abandoning blogging for years at a time.

So hello, unappreciated reader of this 20 year old, drivel-filled website. Time for some more?