Yesterday on the radio, I heard about a modern style of dance known as Krumping. Immediately, I realised that these young individuals were being misled by a great evil. “Krumping” or, as it should be spelled, Crumping is obviously some form of Crump worship.

You’ve never heard of a Crump? Romilly once again comes to the rescue of we, the uninformed. You see, she has first-hand experience with Crumps. There was one in her bedroom at 3am a month or so ago.

Here is what a Crump looks like:

Please note the horrible, staring eyes, and the many hundreds of legs.

If I saw one of those in my bedroom, I certainly wouldn’t feel like dancing.

9 thoughts on “Crump

  1. Alas, any fumes powerful enough to take out a creature of this magnitude would surely cause the death of any nearby humans.

    Luckily, most monsters are easily scared out from under beds with sudden yell of “boo!” Those that are more stubborn are easy enough to grab and stuff into a plastic bag.

  2. Wow, mya; with that unique spelling and such an amazing grasp of english grammar and capitalisation, how can I possibly argue? Obviously my three year old daughter is a lesbian. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner.

    Thanks so much for pointing that out to me.

  3. More insightful feedback? With spelling errors and a complete lack of capitalisation and punctuation?

    I didn’t realise that the Crump was homosexual. Thanks, jess from New York (Levittown, is it?). I hope that link gets you lots of lovely spam.

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