No longer

So, there’s this problem with having a job and a family and some hobbies and only a single corporal body locked within a linear, bounded time-stream: everyone ends up complaining that I’m not updating my blog. Sure, there’s twitter and all the other places I’m throwing things and pressing “Like” buttons, but people want words or photos or something more personal or whatever. There hasn’t been very much of that.

When I started this blog, I was still at university and had no children. On Sunday I was back on campus with my step-daughter and it reminded me how much has changed and how far I’ve come. Pretentious? Sure; but still true.

However what I took from the day wasn’t how far I’ve come so much as how much I’ve lost along the way. I no longer make games. I no longer draw. I no longer write. I no longer create.

None of this is anyone’s fault but my own, of course, and it hasn’t gone completely unnoticed. Throughout my life I have always created. The form of the creation has changed, but it has always been there: painting, drawing, 3D rendering, computer games, websites, software, photography.

In recent years, however, work seems to have displaced this creativity without really replacing it. Some might see my job as creative, but it isn’t the same thing. True creativity comes from within, and I’m sure it’s still in there somewhere.

It’s time to send a search party.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia