Just like a superhero, only crunchy

Once upon a time, I thought Pokemon was a silly game for silly kids; it’s just a bunch of cute things spitting water at each other’s heads while their tails are on fire, right? I once said that I’d never play such a silly game to “catch `em all”, but now I have to come clean. Not only am I playing it, but Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is actually a really good game.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I still enjoy playing games like Assassin’s Creed (stabbing roof-top guards in the throat is very cathartic), Gears of War (who could go wrong with a gun with a chainsaw bayonet?), Guitar Hero (rock out!), and, er, Super Mario Galaxy. OK, they’re not all loud or violent.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is, much to my surprise, quite a deep and addictive game. The turn-based style and pace of gameplay makes it relaxing, and especially easy to play with others. You can pause and hold conversations with people while playing, so it really is social gaming at it’s best.

This infection appears to be spreading. I have it; Ely has it; my brothers both have it. In fact, we spent three of four hours of Saturday battling (I believe quite loudly) together. Romilly also enjoys “playing” (barracking for the cutest pokemon to win), but can’t quite manage all the reading on her own. I’m sure it won’t be too long, though (for now, Mario Kart shall remain her poison of choice).

Hello, my name is Lionfire; it has been 10 minutes since I last checked on my berries.