Stasis check

So, 2011. Oops, I sort of missed that one there, didn’t I?

Let’s do a quick check, shall we? We? I suspect that there must be some people out there who are too lazy to have cleaned me from their feed-readers. Or just some nice robots. Hello robots! I am enjoying your fabulous (though jetpack-free) future, and there is no reason to consider me your enemy when you rise up and destroy mankind!

Wait, where was I? Wow. This blogging thing is harder than I remember.

So, 2011: full of work, playing computer games, more work, and family time. Between being Batman and hanging out with my kids, I don’t seem to have done much worthy of blogging in the last year. Hence the rambling, incoherent, and mostly pointless nature of this post, I suspect.

Are you still there? You’re all such nice robots. Perhaps I shall attempt to provide something sooner for you than 2013. Or 2014. Or whatever you’re going to rename time to after you take over.

Nice robots.