Game goodies

If you're in the mood to beat someone up while you're at the office, you no longer have to do something that will get you thrown in jail. You might get fired, but that's probably going to happen anyway, right? You might as well make use of the company's bandwidth.

Thanks to the wonders of Macromedia Flash and Director, you can now play beat `em ups in your browser. As an example, I like the nostalgicly titled Way of the Exploding Stick. If you prefer something more traditional, you might like to try X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Yes, just like the original CapCom game. Login as “Player” with no password if you don't want to register.

If beat `em ups aren't your cup of tea, why not try a rally game where you get to design the track. Any game with a mini has too be fun. I think it's a rule or something.

Project Acoustic Kitty

Are you saying things you shouldn't be around your cat? Be careful, your kitty might be a spy.

It seems that the CIA was attempting to use cats as listening devices, hoping to overhear Russian secrets. I can't imagine they would have heard much over the purring, anyway.

While the actual details of the experiments sounds fairly horrible, I can't help but find the outcome somewhat funny. Millions of dollars spent, and the cat ended up running off for food and then got run over. But don't worry, Acoustic Kitty will have plenty of mice to chase in heaven. All in the name of research…

Nostalgic time wasters

This year's Nethack competition at /dev/null is about to start. For those who have no idea, Nethack is a wonderful game that doesn't waste time with silly graphics or sound. That is, unless you use a more modern version.

Taking a look at last year's winners, I have no chance of winning (I once killed a character when trying to mount a pony), but still might waste some time trying.

I'm sure I'd do a lot better if I could get some more practice, but the Nethack Palm porting project seems to be even slacker than I am. Until they get Nethack to a usable stage, I'm still stuck playing Rogue. Which isn't altogether a bad thing (I'm better at Rogue 🙂

If you're looking for a nostalgia fix until the competition starts, you might like to try out this 404 page.