Ye olde website

So I’m back at work. Romilly’s cast is still on, and her spots are healing up nicely. Carolyn is…

What’s that?

Oh. I see.

Yes, yes; it has been a long time, hasn’t it.

Okay, quick catch up:

  • Through the wonders of interwebbynet dating, met the wonderful, amazing Carolyn (no relation to The Amazing Spider-Man) (but just as cool)
  • The amazing Carolyn and her daughter moved in with me, creating havoc, destruction, and more happiness than I’m sure I deserve
  • Life rocks
  • Romilly fractured her wrist
  • Took a week off work to look after Romilly while Debs (my ex-wife — keep up, keep up) went on her honeymoon
  • Romilly, still in her cast, came down with chicken pox (for the second time)
  • Over this time, no less than 28,635 people pestered me to start updating this site again

So now I just have to decide: do I start posting here again, or do I leave it for another four or five months?

2 thoughts on “Ye olde website

  1. Romilly’s site does require just a little bit of work, doesn’t it.

    If you’d like to, drop me an email and I’ll let you know when I get some more photos up.

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