Little milestones in the sand

Right. I have a blog. Why didn’t someone remind me?

(note to self: thank Carolyn for reminding me)

So today’s that unniversary again. It’s amazing to think what has passed in the last 12 months; how much life has changed.

(note to self: thank Carolyn again)

I missed the five year anniversary of this blog too. Five years of blogging. Or not blogging. Or wanting to be blogging, but being too busy doing my taxes. Or wanting to be too busy doing my taxes to be blogging, but really just spending far too much time in Second Life.

(note to self: try to be less confusing)

As life flows on by, I’m beginning to see that the little things that happen — the bumps and the scrapes to the metaphysical knees — are just that. You fall over, you pick yourself up, dust off those knees, and you move on. Life’s little celebrations are much the same. It’s just the ups and downs of the playground.

(note to self: stop spending so much time gazing into own navel)

2 thoughts on “Little milestones in the sand

  1. I was thinking of our unniversary yesterday too….

    would have been 7 years…

    *note to self*
    Carolyn is brilliant 🙂

    We ALL love Carolyn 🙂

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