Toasty toasted toaster

My toaster broke my computer. Well, it probably didn’t do it on purpose (toasters just aren’t like that), but it did break it. For a little while.

It seems that my toaster is toasted. Attempting to use the toaster (in a perfectly normal, breakfast-making sort of manner) causes my RCD to trip. This causes my entire house to lose power quite suddenly.

It seems that my computer requires power. Who would have thought? Less obvious is that a sudden loss of power (say, due to a toaster-phobic RCD cutting power to the house) can spontaneously clear the CMOS, resetting the BIOS to its original settings.

It seems that the original settings are to use the PCI graphics card, rather than the AGP card. This results in the monitor, plugged in to the AGP card, not getting anything very useful to display. Having no plugged in monitor also makes things beep a lot. Things look and sound really broken.

It seems that my brain is unable to quickly solve these sorts of problems, particularly when my breakfast has been so rudely interrupted, leaving me in a hot-tea-and-buttered-muffins deprived state. It also would have helped if I’d remembered that there was a PCI graphics card in there.

It seems I’m off to get a new toaster.

3 thoughts on “Toasty toasted toaster

  1. True and you can cook bread in your computer.

    may have to fiddle around with a few setting…. Cpu cooler….ram…mmmmm…crap 🙁

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